Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome !

For as long as I can remember ive been infactuated with horror films, since a young child starting my interest/obsession walking through the local video stores that once occupied my area long ago. Looking and admiring all the VHS in the horror section that decorated the shelves, with the eye popping artwork gracing the covers, giving it a promise of a great scare and even better time.

I knew I found a new love.

Now, many years later, my interest in the genre flourished into collecting every horror film I could and as much memorabilia as I could handle. Clearing out all the local video stores, my collection accumulated to well over 2,000 films and still counting. I think its safe to say my interest is here to stay.

Seeing as I had so many films, I decided it would be fun to write reviews on the ones that were long forgotten or have yet to be seen. There's tons of great undiscovered gems just waiting to be uncovered and find a audience, hundreds of terrible turkeys that deserve recognition just for being so goddamn bad that they're great, and of course the big time greats that everyone knows and loves.

This is a home for horror !

"Chopper" Chris Garcia.

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