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Eraserhead ( 1977 )


"Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child"

Henry Spencer
Baffling, stunning, nightmarish and above all truely frightening. This is the only truthful way to describe Eraserhead. Directed by the legendary David Lynch ( Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway ), this remains to be his most disturbing film of his career....and of all cinema history. Rated one of the top 25 most dangerous films of all time by Premiere Hollywood, the film preys upon the viewer psychologically. Taking them to a surreal world of nightmares they could never dream ( or even fathom ) of experiencing.

The man in the planet....symbolism of god ?
Our films main character, Henry Spencer, lives in what seems to be a nuclear wasteland full of noises and pollution. His girlfriend Mary gives birth to a premature mutant baby ( with the news told at a very strange dinner scene ), together they decide to get married and move into Henry's apartment to raise the child together. But the mutant baby's continuous haunting cries lead Mary to pack her luggage and leave Henry to take care of the "child" alone.

The mutant baby
That's the basic outline of the plot from what the viewer can gather, because its hard to make sense of all the random and odd things that we are shown, coupled with that is some nightmarish images and scenes that will burn into your subconscious forever, like a bad memory that you want to forget. We see Henry's wife birthing worms, bleeding trees, a singing woman with deformed cheeks that appears from the apartment radiator among other things that are just.....ill put it blatantly....really fucked up. There is a true underlining meaning behind the movie, but Lynch refuses to tell what he was trying to convey to the viewer, its something you will have to witness and judge yourself. I myself have my own theories of explanation.
The woman in the radiator

This film is not meant for everyone, but its something I believe everyone should witness at least once. This Isn't your pre packaged Hollywood bullshit that's fun for the whole family, so think again. Its full of dark, depressing, and desolate visuals that make it arresting....and strangely beautiful. Its a world of surrealism you won't get to witness in any other film anytime soon. The music is just as eerie, the piano and organ sound like its being played out of a old haunted chapel and fits very well into the film. There's very little dialog ( the first 10 minutes are just strait film ), so its something you will have to pay attention to, but to try and make sense of it, don't be surprised if you end up watching it several times.

This is actually by far, the scariest movie I have ever seen and that is a fact readers. I still remember the first time I watched this. I was half asleep ( bad idea ! ) and had nightmares for a week about that damn baby, hearing its gurgling cries make me cringe. Everyone I've shown this film to has a similar reaction ( my sister and girlfriend hate it, and hate when I bring it up ) but ironically this became one of my all time favorite movies, because for some reason I just find it so endearing and fascinating. So if you are feeling curious and a little brave I would say check it out....if you can make it through the entire movie....

Gore : 0/5 - This isn't a run of the mill horror film what so ever, its not needed.

Gratuitous Nudity : 0/5

Death count : +1 - Though there is one death, and it is very, very unsettling.

Special FX : 5/5 - The baby is the true star of the film, Director David Lynch never revealed how he made the baby, because it looks so realistic it could not have been created by hand. Rumor has it that it was made from a embalmed calf fetus, but no one will ever know.

Alternate poster art
Best scenes : I  love particularly love the scene where the mysterious woman in the radiator emerges from the darkness to sing "In heaven". It sends chills up my spine everytime.

Things you will learn from this movie

Mutant baby's often are born looking like E.T

If you don't cooperate your girlfriends mom will start sucking on your neck

Cook chicken right or it will start to dance on your plate

Bums want severed heads that fall from the sky

When you die you'll be sold off for making pencil erasers

Mutant baby's are total cockblocks


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