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Sleepaway Camp ( 1983 )


AKA: Nightmare Vacation

"Slightly disturbed and painfully shy Angela Baker is sent away to summer camp with her cousin. Not long after Angela's arrival, things start to go horribly wrong for anyone with sinister or less than honorable intentions." 

Ricky and Angela
Camp slashers were all the rage in the 80's after the extremely successful "Friday the 13th" film series. But there was a good few that shined from the bunch. This is one series that I believe succeeded at second best in summer slashers next to the big time Voorhees empire. A definite cult classic and underground gem, this flick is still talked about to this day as holding one of the most shocking endings in horror history. You can ask anyone and that will usually be the first thing that comes to their mind. I particularly enjoy this film because it strays from the basic "masked madman out for revenge" formula and instead boasts a clever guessing game of "could be" suspects. All of which seem a little "off" or have good reason to be suspected as a cold blooded murderer.

Aunt Martha ties strings around her fingers so she doesnt forget !
The film starts out with a accident that occured years before our central story, where one child and the father are run over by a speed boat. Cut to years later, Angela Baker and cousin Ricky are sent off by their insanely quirky weirdo aunt Martha to the annual summer camp for some summer fun. From the beginning you can tell aunt Martha lost a few marbles, and she has something to do with the storyline. Angela is also a little weird.....actually little is taking it lightly, shes really weird. She stares are other campers without so much as a blink without expression and barely says a word, so shes a easy target for the other campers to pick on. With her cousin Ricky on her constant defense it stirs up trouble at the campsite and then suddenly campers start to die off.....often in violent and imaginative ways.

Boiled to death
 Arrow to the jugular
Definetely molded to be fun and quirky, this film manages not to be very scary for the most part, but its unforgettable to say the least. Its rather funny though im not sure its entirely intentional ( god damn these kids swear ALOT ). The dialog is so cheesy its quite hilarious and gives the film a somewhat humorous entertainment quality. But dont be discouraged, the underlying sub-story is actually quite disturbing and creepy once you reach the final conclusion. Sure as hell shocked me ! The killers secret identity also isnt revealed to the end, so we often see a silhouette or a hand before each grisly murder is commited. Which I really liked because it keeps you enamoured to figure out the mystery. The acting is pretty ridiculous but it works with the feel of the film. The music is pretty basic stalk slasher stuff, it fits just fine. The murder scenes are pretty twisted and well worth watching. With all that being said this is a DEFINITE must see for horror fans. Its the kinda movie that went underated and overshadowed by all the bigger hit horror films at the time. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, the ending is the ultimate payoff !

Gore : 2/5 - Theres some nasty stuff here, but some deaths that appear off screen. Not too gory but still awesome !

Gratuitous Nudity : 0/5 - Well there is one.....full male frontal.

Alternate VHS artwork
Death Count : +12 - Some pretty nasty ones, boiled to death, curling iron into the va-jay-jay, stung to death by bees, decapitation, among many others.

Special FX : 3/5 - The bodys that do appear are pretty nasty and mangled. The boiling death is pretty impressive.

Best scenes/Things to look for : Theres tons, we meet a pedophile cook who calls kids "baldies", who is basically springing a hardon when the kids arrive off the bus, blowing kisses and shit. Its actually quite funny, and yet no one reports him ! The bee hive death is another good cringing scene. Stung to death on the shitter.....that really fucking sucks.

Things you will learn from this movie

Woman are terrible drivers all around....even on a boat.

You can bribe witnesses of a murder to keep shut by offering them $15 bucks

Mind over matter means getting a bare ass to your face

When the ALL the girls refuse to go skinny dipping, its perfectly normal for all the dudes to just go

Calling people "fags" and "pussies" while wearing booty shorts makes no sense

Memorable quotes : "you're a regular carpenters dream ! Flat as a board and needs a screw !"


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